All of our client congregations are delighted with their Design One 3D virtual tours. If you are interested in speaking to someone at a church we have done work for, please contact us and we will provide you with specific references to contact...... Maybe someone just down the road from you.

This thing looks incredible!...I really appreciate your hard work and extra effort.  
You guys pulled it off and it looks beautiful.

Thanks Again.
Media Specialist

Thank you so much.  The presentation went very well.  Everyone loved the tour.  We will be sharing it with the body for years to come to excite and help implant the vision.  Thank you for your help with everything.  The people really liked seeing themselves too. 

Yours in Christ,
J.F. Building Committee Chairman

Excellent!  Boy oh boy do you have talent!

R.B. Chairman, Capital Campaign Committee

The event was a great success and everyone loved the virtual tour. Thanks for all of your help.
J.E. Elder

I wanted to let you know we showed the great video you made at three church services this past Sunday.  We showed the video twice in each service with live narration.  It was very well received and we had feedback forms that were filled out and returned with many positive comments.

 I again appreciate all your time and efforts on this.

 God bless.
S.G. Building Committee Chaiman

Thanks for your work on the virtual tour.  It was very impressive and had a huge impact on everyone.  John encouraged us that it would be worth doing.  To be honest, although I thought it would be nice to do, I wondered about the value.  John was right.  I was especially interested in what you would do with the sanctuary and was very pleased.  There was an audible “oo” from people when the new sanctuary front was revealed on the screen.  I would highly recommend your work to others.

 Thanks again,
T.K. Senior Pastor

You realize that if we had had this video last year, we would have raised all the money by now.
P.S. Elder