We learned years ago that when people asked us, "How do you do what you do?" and we launched into a very technical discussion of texture maps, rendering farms, polygons, and volumetric lighting - we had misunderstood their question. What they really wanted to know was, "What do we have to provide you with for you to do a 3D virtual tour for us?"

All architects use some sort of CAD program for documentation. We are equipped to decode those CAD files into the information we need to produce a 3D virtual tour.

A more important question is, "How much of the design has been completed?" It is possible but very unusual for a church to have had their architect finish the design before they have their capital campaign.

Because the majority of our work is for churches, we are very good at working with your leadership and your architect to "fill the gaps." We learn what the cornerstone elements of the project are. Sometimes it is a bigger sanctuary. Or sometimes it is more room for youth programs and "a sink in the toddler's classroom!"

If you look at the examples on the right you will see how we are able to "flesh-out" a design that is pleasing to your members and will help them get excited about the capital campaign.

If you have not even hired an architect yet but still want a capital campaign video with a virtual tour, check out the Stock Virtual Tours on our Products page.

Design One invented the concept of inserting photos of your members into the virtual tour. We give instruction to someone in your congregation on how to take the photographs we need to do this. This is an easy job for any camera hobbyist. Putting your members in the virtual tour takes another step toward establishing the proposed building as "yours".

We believe that your congregation needs to hear about their project from their leaders. When it comes to a narrated soundtrack, we don't think a paid voice is appropriate. We will work with your leadership to help you record a voice-track which we can then edit and use to create your final 3D virtual tour.

If you have any questions about what we need to create your 3D virtual tour please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are never to busy to talk about your project. We are experienced at what we do and enjoy helping churches use this exciting technology to achieve their congregational goals.

Example of a completed CAD elevation used to produce a 3D virtual tour.
Example of a sketch used to produce a 3D virtual tour which included the proposed sanctuary.
Example of a "place holder" (unfinished design) which Design One was able to develop by working with the church's architect to produce this design of the entry foyer.